It happens to adults, too.

I Was Diagnosed With ADHD As An Adult

So many things I read about adult ADHD rang true for me. I get distracted easily and have trouble concentrating on dense materials and tedious tasks Read...
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How I Learned To Love My Son For What He Is (Despite What He's Not)

Why do we venerate individuality in adults but condemn it in children? Read...
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**Story does not include hammock or beach (Credit: Thinkstock)

Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Providing this week's most-riveting reads: a funny fashionista, two powerful essayists, and . . . a four-year-old? Read...
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Why I Took My Son Off His ADHD Meds

I dreaded putting him back on Concerta in the fall but I knew I had to. Or did I? Read...
Catherine Gigante-Brown    |   04.8.15   |   SHARE

Why I Decided To Medicate My ADHD Children

I was haggard, exhausted, and feeling hopeless. "When are my kids ever going to be normal?" I felt deep down it would never happen. Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   03.25.15   |   SHARE
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How Motherhood Changed My Feminism

l long prided myself on being a "strong, independent, beautiful, staunch feminist." But then I found out I was pregnant—and everything changed. Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   02.23.15   |   SHARE
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Kurt Cobain's Twisted Courtney Love Vows: What Do They Mean?

Does a newly released note support the theory that Love was responsible for Cobain's suicide? Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   04.30.14   |   SHARE
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