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10 Truths I've Learned In 35 Years

I define myself by the truths I live by. Today, I’m turning 35. Here are 10 Truths I’ve learned that make me who I am. I offer them to you, with love. Read...
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How to apply eyeliner (without looking like a raccoon.)

I’m So Old, Why Don’t I Have This Crap Figured Out?

I do not have this all figured out. I thought by middle age I would, but nope. Read...
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There's so much you should've learned in high school.

23 Things You Should Have Learned In High School (But Didn't)

I’d like to teach a high school class called “Sh*t You Should Know To Be An Adult.” There's so much you should've learned in high school. Read...
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Don't let first glances fool you. I am totally lost.

No One Knows What They Are Doing — Including Me

I have no idea what I’m doing. On any given day, at any given moment, I am so thoroughly and genuinely confused about what is happening. Read...
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If I wanted to start being vulnerable with the people I love again, I needed to figure out when my avoidance began and why.

Why Can't I Be Vulnerable As An Adult?

Why can't I be vulnerable as an adult? Despite my fears of vulnerability, some part of me knew it was the key to having fulfilling intimate Read...
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Long Reads
When I was a kid, my dad and I didn’t spend much time together. He was always taking my brother on weekend trips to go fishing, or waking him up when it was still dark to go deer-hunting, but I never wanted to go.

How I Caught A Dad On Pokemon Go

When I told him that I caught a Mantine, he wrote back, Yeah, I think I caught four or five of them today. I didn’t mind—for the first time in my Read...
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Parenthood And The Passage Of Time

But what can be said for the day upon which I am no longer enough? I dread that day. Read...
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Overwhelmed? Make A More Manageable To-Do List!

To-do lists are necessary for most of us, because Responsibilities, but also fricking daunting. Read...
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