There's so much you should've learned in high school.

23 Things You Should Have Learned In High School (But Didn't)

I’d like to teach a high school class called “Sh*t You Should Know To Be An Adult.” There's so much you should've learned in high school. Read...
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Don't let first glances fool you. I am totally lost.

No One Knows What They Are Doing — Including Me

I have no idea what I’m doing. On any given day, at any given moment, I am so thoroughly and genuinely confused about what is happening. Read...
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THIS COULD BE YOU: clear skin, easy smile, GOOP-recommended ergonomic office chair that you forgo in favor of meditating on top of your tiny, clean desk. Probably an apple cider vinegar shot waiting for you in the kitchen.

How To Adult Without Being Slowly Suffocated By Your Responsibilities: A Handy Guide

Learning to break down huge obstacles is an act of self-care that is sometimes easier said than done. Occasionally, you have to call in the help of Read...
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When you’re juggling so many baubles at once, it’s only human to drop one. Or two. Or maybe even seven.

Six Moms Share Their Cringeworthy Christmas Fails

Even the best-laid holiday plans can descend into chaos, but if it’s any consolation, just about everyone has a ‘Christmas fail’ story to share. Read...
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When does being a grown-up happen again?

10 Things I Thought I'd Know How To Do By Now

To be honest, I consider myself pretty damn good at adulting. I’m a great cook, as long as I have a recipe. I’m a self-taught professional baker. I Read...
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Now that I’m a mother, I’ve entered a whole new world in which I must fake it till I make it.

7 Ways To Fake It 'Til You Make It

I’ve always loved that saying, “fake it 'til you make it.” When I was a young professional (inexperienced employee) sitting in my career station ( Read...
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Decisions big or small can wear you out before you even have a chance.

It's Time To Sharpen Those Decision-Making Skills

Whether it’s moving to a different country, starting a new career in a completely different field, or even something tiny like how to compose that Read...
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A friendship is a relationship, a dialogue: it's a conversation that's always happening.

#MondaysWithMatt: A Friendship Is A Two-Way Street 

I know, it's Monday. BLECH. But, that also means it's time for #MondaysWithMatt. Today, Matt talks about navigating the fluctuations of friendship as Read...
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