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No Scream Queens Allowed: Our 11 Favorite Women Of Horror Films

Carrie, The Alien Queen and Clarice Starling are definitely invited to our Halloween party. Read...
Jody Amable   |   10.30.14   |   SHARE

Humanity's Legacy Might be the Tunnels and Holes We've Dug

An easy-to-forget feature of human ingenuity may be the final vestige of our time in the universe. Read...
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Mysterious Crater Found in Siberia: Conspiracy Theories Abound

No one is sure what (or who) formed a recently-discovered pit in the tundra. Aliens? Biological weapon developers? You decide. Read...
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Jesus Christ: Messiah, Superstar and . . . Japanese Rice Farmer?

According to a set of ancient religious texts, Jesus spent time as a happily married rice farmer in Japan. Read...
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Science is Sweet: “Mega-Earth” Discovery Shocks Scientists

Long-maligned simply as gassy afterthoughts, Kepler data shows giant planets can have life-hospitable conditions. Read...
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Want to Write to Aliens? Have We Got the Mailbox for You!

A mailbox just outside Nevada’s infamous Area 51 is dedicated to alien use, after a rancher had it up to here with harassment of his own mailbox. Read...
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