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I’m Done Being The Perfect Older Sister

Like moms and other women in caregiving roles, it seems that older sisters are disproportionately likely to take on family responsibilities. Read...
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Whether she “officially” suffers from anxiety or not isn’t my main concern. My concern is that she feels heard, seen, and understood.

Did My Child Inherit My Anxiety Disorder? ​

She insists I sign the form she brought home from school right now even though it’s not due for five more days. However, I am in the middle of Read...
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My First Panic Attack

From the day that I had my first panic attack at age 15, my life was never the same. I looked up at my mother, wanting her to save me. Read...
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For over five years, I endured these attacks with no knowledge of how to end them, or why they began.

My Evolving Relationship With Anxiety

For over five years, I endured these attacks. A therapist identified the source of this physical and mental torment: anxiety. Read...
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Sitting With Anxiety: How Trauma & Stigma Impact Everyday Life

“Terese, if you want to sit by a window, just do it!” I fear that what I experienced is still being done to children and youth, and the impact is Read...
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Being a mom with anxiety, hard as it is, is actually the only kind of mom I want to be.

Being A Mother Is Hard. Being A Mother Living With Anxiety Is Harder.

My anxiety doesn’t mean I can’t be a good parent. In fact, it makes me a better one. Read...
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To All The Women Suffering Through Anxiety: I Know You

We anxiety sufferers are good at covering up how we’re really feeling. You are not alone. Read...
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You have to deal with days that are very sad for no reason.

What It's Like Dating Someone With Anxiety

Here is what it is like to date someone with anxiety (in my experience, anyway). Read...
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