Realizing I wasn’t alone provided me with the validation I needed to embrace my sexual orientation.

Asexual Awareness Week: What IS Asexuality Anyway?

So, if you’re out there in the world feeling broken, and questioning if you’re the only one who doesn’t “get it”, or if you’re eager to learn more Read...
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What's The Difference Between Aesthetic And Sexual Attraction?

Sexual attraction is not the only type of physical attraction, AND aesthetic attraction is not the same as sexual attraction! Read...
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I have been in a relationship before, with a partner I loved deeply — just not in a sexual way or one that would be considered traditionally romantic. Image: PEXELS.

I Was Born Without A Sex Drive And I'm OK With It

My moment of discovery literally came from Googling ‘how to tell if you’re attracted to someone’ late at night. I stumbled across someone else asking Read...
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Alaina Leary

How I Discovered I’m Asexual And What That Means To Me

I didn't use the word "asexual" until I was a senior in college. I didn't so much use the word as slur it, in between a long drunken ramble, to my Read...
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I forget, did I ask for anyone’s permission or opinion about whether or not I belong?

On Coming Out As Asexual

I don’t identify with the heterosexual norms that have been shoved down my throat and the pathologizing rhetoric that, for most of my life, shrieked Read...
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Let's demystify asexuality.

The Top 4 Questions I’m Asked When I Say I’m Asexual

3. Do you masturbate? First, what each person does with or to their body is nobody else’s business. Remember, asexuality is about sexual attraction Read...
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Fiction Friday: Boys And Bicycles

My stomach turns at the touch of his rough hands, and I vomit on his bare feet. Read...
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