Take The Cake: Diet Culture And Police Violence

I understand the connections between the violence that leads to police shootings and the violence that leads people to starve themselves. I know with complete certainty that diet culture is a manifestation of the state’s expectation of assimilation and of social control, both of which are manifestations of institutional violence.

"You have an unabridged right to petition the government — at all levels — for redress of grievances." Image: flickr

Americans: You Have The Right. Make Your Voice Heard.

I can’t use this space today for quirky news blurbs. Instead, I want to remind us all of our fundamental right to have the America we want — and how we can get it.

I take this journey of self-love and discovery one day at a time. Image: Thinkstock.

On Navigating My Attraction To Whiteness As A Black Woman

Honoring my feelings and being true to myself are just as important to me as being critical of the ways that a multiply-oppressive society manifests itself in the way I date, love, and desire.


George Zimmerman Is The Worst. Here, Have A Puppy.

You can’t deal either, can you? Of course you can’t. So listen: let’s stop talking about this scum-sucking-bottom-feeder and focus on something happy. Like a puppy finding a home and a job.


Miami Police Boycott Beyoncé​'s Formation Tour

Miami police officers have announced they will boycott Beyoncé​’s Formation tour, possibly going so far as refusing to sign up to staff the Spring show in Miami. The spokesman for the Miami Fraternal Order of Police says Beyoncé’s halftime performance “shows how she does not support law enforcement.”

Bernie Sanders (image credit: Gage Skidmore)

White Liberals, Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Targeting Bernie Sanders (And Us) For A Reason

While Sanders is better than the clown car of horrors that is the Republican crop of presidential candidates, he's failed to listen to the BLM movement or even respond to protesters — twice.

Activism or SLACtivism

Slacktivism: When Your Activism Isn't Really Activism

"I let your “Je Suis Charlie” avatar slide, but trust me: I unfriend people who can’t tolerate a complicated view of women’s participation in the sex trades and who don’t let “victims” speak for themselves. So it’s like Zuckerberg is purposely trolling the way all those ads for Punjammies are constantly appearing in my Facebook timeline, claiming my purchase of their culturally appropriating pajama pants will help some sad, far-off Indian women forge a new life. Without evidence, let’s just assume your PUNJAMMIES™ purchase is an investment in some ugly pajamas."


I'm A Black Woman And I Don’t Want A Black Son

"I will peer relentlessly into every cop car I pass with a young black man in it, stretching my neck to make sure that it’s not my son who’s been arrested for driving while black, walking while black, or breathing while black. I will hold my breath while listening to every news report of another black man that has been arrested, beaten, killed, and made an example of."