credit: Ashley Anderson

Please Do Not Dub Sandra Bland A Crazy Black Woman

"Ultimately, it doesn't matter much whether Bland killed herself or was murdered. In both cases, she died because she was hauled into custody for a minor offense that didn't really even merit being pulled over to begin with. Maybe her head injury led to uncharacteristic behavior, or maybe the traumatic arrest triggered a severe PTSD episode, or maybe someone flat out killed her. But, in every case, she died because she was in that police cell."


Thoughts From Twitter: On The Charleston AME Shooting

There is a lot on the Internet to read about the tragic Charleston shooting that took place late Wednesday night. Here are a few noteworthy tweets to get started with.


White Feminists: Please Stop Using The Race Card

I never thought I’d have to say this, but white people: stop using the race card. I’m serious. I’m getting sick and tired of the movement I’ve dedicated my life to being used as your weapon. I’m onto you — I see what you’re doing.


An Open Letter To The HRC And Greenpeace As The Bay Area Protests Persist

The radical black organizers of one of the largest civil rights actions are making the world safer, in spite of your apathy to their plight.