This is the time to fight, to hold the line, to preserve our humanity and protect our bodies — all of our bodies. (Image: Flickr/ mumography)

Having A Body In Donald’s America 

It’s a dangerous and challenging time for many of us to have a body in the United States. There are things we can do to not only love our bodies but Read...
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"I had to reckon with the fact that people do this to other people, that men do this to women, that my body had been coopted and turned into a repository for someone else’s shame."

Take The Cake: Is Fatness A Superpower?

This week in Babecamp we were talking about Sarai Walker’s novel Dietland. The main character Read...
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The Obesity Code: Your Fat Is Not Your Fault.

Here’s the dilemma I find myself facing pretty much every time I think about fat/weight/diabetes/bullshit sold to us by the media/mostly Weight Read...
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Beyond Before & After
"Some fat women never risk movement at all because of shame and fear of ridicule."

Bodies In Motion: The Complicated Relationship Between Fatness & Athleticism

Some fat women never risk movement at all because of shame and fear of ridicule. There is logic in this choice. Tragic (often invisible) logic. Read...
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@virgietovar on IG: "Someone who was trying to woo me gave me this ginormous apple fritter today and I was like YES I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN GOOD AT TELEPATHICALLY CONVEYING WHAT I EXPECT FROM MEN."

Take The Cake: Dating While Fat Shouldn’t Be This Weird 

I already feel super visible because I’m a fat woman wearing neon most likely, which I’ll admit I’m kinda into. But add a dude to the equation and Read...
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Let us be comfortable, alright?

In Defense of Wearing Gym Shorts

I can feel the air on my thighs and a jiggle in my step after I slip into my gym shorts. My cellulite, which rarely sees the light of day, is hanging Read...
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I'm more intrigued (and somewhat amused) by the signs of aging that seem to have suddenly hit like a ton of bricks than I am bummed out about them. Image: Thinkstock

8 Ways Aging Has Crept Up On Me That I'm Weirdly OK With

I'm proud to be where I'm at in life, even if it means spending more time buying bunion-cushioning shoe inserts and various vitamin supplements than Read...
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The changes in our bodies tell our life stories, for better or worse. Image: Thinkstock.

Our Bodies Are Meant To Change

I am a perimenopausal woman in her 40s who still feels like a 23-year-old at heart. I cannot stop the progression of time and its effects on my Read...
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