body positivity

The journey to a positive body image requires a different path for all people.

What It's Like To Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

A Q&A with someone who has first-hand experience with weight loss surgery. Read...
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This is the time to fight, to hold the line, to preserve our humanity and protect our bodies — all of our bodies. (Image: Flickr/ mumography)

Having A Body In Donald’s America 

It’s a dangerous and challenging time for many of us to have a body in the United States. There are things we can do to not only love our bodies but Read...
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Don't ever underestimate the power of the good ol' fashioned vent sesh. (Image Credit: Instagram/Virgie Tovar)

Take The Cake: The Power Of Venting

I know that not everyone has the same appetite for The Vent, but when it comes to doing work around diet culture and fatphobia, venting is a powerful Read...
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My body, this larger body of mine, has been there through everything.

How I Came To Love My Fat, Beautiful Body

Beauty and body fat percentage are not mutually exclusive. Read...
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image credit: Lady Gaga via Instagram

Lady Gaga, The Super Bowl, And Half-Assed Body Positivity

Too often people claim that they are practicing Body Positivity when in fact they are perpetuating fatphobia and/or using healthism and ableism to Read...
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Let's #ditchthediet when it comes to food, and embrace "diets" that empower us.

7 Diets You Can Go On That Have Nothing To Do With Food

*/ /*-->*/ With a new year comes the chance for a clean slate. To start over and perhaps become a better you — at least, that’s what society tells Read...
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Reclaiming ALL costumes for all bodies. (Image Credit: Instagram/talynnkel)

Fat Positive Cosplay: Meet TaLynn Kel

If you are a geek, you like to share your passion in a number of ways. Cosplay, short for costume play, refers to dressing up as a character in a Read...
"I feel more at home in my own skin, like I have less to hide. I walk through knowing that my body, and all of our bodies, are just as they should be."

Getting Naked With My Friends Was The Most Body Positive Experience of My Life

I told myself that I was not freaked out. I was not a prude. The truth was I was very freaked out. Yet, getting naked with my friends was so body Read...
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