body shaming

Body shaming kids is never the right thing to do. It can damage a parent's relationship with their kids in a way that sticks with that child for the rest of their lives.

#TheySaid Highlights Our Culture Of Body Shaming

People are using #TheySaid to tell their stories of experiencing body shaming. Sally Bergesen kicked things off by talking about her own memory of Read...
Ragen Chastain    |   06.14.17   |   SHARE
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Snow White And The Fat Calves

Just when I think we've made a little headway, some asshole reminds me that yes, people still think fat people are gross. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   06.7.17   |   SHARE
"I’ve clearly succeeded in building a textiled Fort Knox around my calves, but I realize there’s a hefty price to pay for it all: I’m paying for it with my life."

I Was Publicly Shamed For Having Big Calves

Over the years, I’ve created an intricate system of rules that keep my calves safely hidden from judging eyes, especially in the summer when shorts Read...
Dawn Clancy    |   06.6.17   |   SHARE
"Body shaming is just one more thing in this big, scary world that I can’t protect her from, but damned if I’ll stop trying."

The Day I Realized I Can't Protect My Daughter From Body Shaming

My toddler was twirling in her tutu bathing suit while I shimmied into my plus-sized polka dot bikini. Since my 2-year-old is still in the phase Read...
Kelly Burch    |   04.21.17   |   SHARE
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Failure And Body Shame On A Guatemalan Volcano

My breathing hastened and my crying intensified. The elevation wasn’t doing me any favors. All I knew was that it was pitch black on a lava field in Read...
Caroline Eubanks    |   04.18.17   |   SHARE
“"Have a burger for God’s sake,” “You’re a twig,” “Are you anorexic?”

"Lucky": The Plight Of The Naturally Skinny Girl 

I don’t care about my weight. But other people do. Read...
Lauren DePino    |   02.20.17   |   SHARE
I imagine he was surprised that a woman of my size had kicked his ass in our (previously unbeknownst to me) competition.

I'm Done Trying To Be The Perfect Fat Person

Some of our happiest moments are those when we think that no one is watching: when we sing at the top of our lungs in our cars, or we dance down the Read...
Christine Schoenwald    |   01.5.17   |   SHARE
If I don't start embracing the body I am in, my daughter loses, too. Image: Dahiana Candelo/Unsplash.

My Post-Pregnancy Body Doesn't Feel Like It's Mine Anymore

I understand that feeling good is far more important than looking good. But it's hard to not get caught up in the frenzy to lose all the baby weight Read...
Vedavati M.    |   07.1.16   |   SHARE