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(Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: How Do I End Things With My Boyfriend?

I need to end things, I need to end things with my boyfriend. But I can't if every single time he starts crying. How do I handle this? Read...
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How do I get over my ex who dumped me out of the blue? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: How Do I Get Over An Ex Who Dumped Me Out Of The Blue?

Then she told me we needed to talk and that she didn’t want this or me anymore. How do I get over my ex who dumped me out of the blue? Read...
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The best way I know to feel better when I’m low is to scrape up some gratitude.(Photo by Neil Bates on Unsplash)

9 Things To Be Grateful For After A Breakup

Finding gratitude in the wake of a bad breakup isn’t easy. Here are a few things to focus on. Read...
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"We are a species of over-thinkers. We love to torture ourselves and drown in depressing feelings. I don’t know why, but we do."

5 Things We All Do After A Terrible Breakup

Breakups are emotionally charged experiences that leave us hollow and pretty messed up. It’s not to say we won’t come back better and stronger — we Read...
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I'm confused: She says she doesn’t want anything with me in the future, but she tells me she loves me all the time (and says it’s not in a “friend” way).

Ask Erin: Help! My Ex Is Sending Me Mixed Signals

Dear Erin, I am a lesbian and am currently talking again to this girl who I’ve dated in the past. She and I dated for seven months, until I cheated Read...
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Why can't I leave him once and for all?

Ask Erin: My Partner's Bad For Me — Why Can't I Let Them Go?

I'd like your opinion on why a smart, formerly-independent woman can't break ties with someone who I know is emotionally manipulating me, making me Read...
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We are both acutely aware that despite how deep our current bond is, there may come a day to move on for purposes of our respective personal growth.

Why Are You Still Together?

My Life Partner and I are both divorced and know firsthand what a “relationship failure” looks and feels like. And, we both chose to end our Read...
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5 Warning Signs That Your Soulmate Is Becoming A Roommate

Unfortunately, it’s just not too often we see long-term couples holding hands or kissing these days. There was a time when my ex-wife and I kissed Read...
Michael J. Russer of The Good Men Project    |   06.15.15   |   SHARE
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