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Take The Cake: Reframing Jealousy

Jealousy is such an interesting thing to me. As immediate and intense as it feels when it hits, it has always struck me as a secondary — a Read...
Virgie Tovar    |   01.31.19   |   SHARE

5 Things Friday: On Buddhism, And How I Suck At It

Apparently true love is born from understanding. Blah blah, something about suffering and interconnectedness. Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   06.12.15   |   SHARE
Statue at the Zen Buddhist Monastery, Upstate, NY

My Wild and Crazy Zen Retreat Adventure

At first, I felt like an abandoned ten-year-old, dropped off at a remote summer camp—with the extra added attraction of no cell phone reception or Wi Read...
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The Ruined Reputation of China’s First and Only Empress

By normal measures of imperial China, Empress Wu Zetian did a pretty solid job. So why has she been impugned in history? Read...
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