I never expected to struggle like this.

Dancing On The Poverty Line: It Was Never Supposed To Be Like This

Back when we decided to have a baby together, we had a plan. She was never, ever going to have to work full-time. She was going to work part-time, Read...
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I am an adult woman, and guess how many dollhouses I own? Two.

Tiny Houses, Tiny Things

I am not middle class. Tiny houses are touted as an affordable solution, but they’re still more house than I can afford. Read...
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My Fight Against Hoarding

I remember feeling emotional distress when my parents got rid of one of their old cars—I felt they were killing it. Read...
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For Anti-Sex Work Writers, Sex Sells 

Hating sex workers—and treating them as things—can get you money. Read...
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How Leonard Nimoy's Death Revealed Facebook's Draconian Community Standards (Again)

Leonard Nimoy wasn't just Spock. He was a photographer dedicated to championing body positivity. But Facebook has banned his images. Read...
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You know what this construction site needs? A blunt roller. Courtesy of

Here's A Bunch Of Hard-working Americans Making Less Than A Blunt Roller For Waka Flocka Flame

In a rags to riches dream come true for every stoner, rapper Waka Flocka Flame has offered $50,000 for someone to roll his blunts. Read...
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50 Cent Can't Throw a Pitch—But Here's Why He Gets the Last Laugh

50 Cent's baseball pitch may have been a debacle, but it's his haters who ultimately strike out. Read...
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Could Skyrocketing Rent be a Good Thing for Artists?

If suffering makes for better art, the residents of Industry City (not to mention the already-gentrified neighborhoods of SoHo or Bushwick) in New Read...
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