3 Misperceptions About LGBT Kids In Christian Schools

As misinformation about sexuality passes through the churches, it’s only natural that it lands at Christian schools. Read...
Tim Rymel of The Good Men Project    |   02.15.15   |   SHARE
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10 Reasons Why Christian Men Should Not Marry Me

In response to "10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry," I bring you my own helpful list . . . Read...
[E] Hillary of Persephone Magazine    |   01.23.15   |   SHARE
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New Study Reveals Surprising Link Between Religion and Drunken Violence

According to new research, the more religious the person, the more violent they become after imbibing. Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   08.18.14   |   SHARE

Lacy Chabert Sells Soul, Makes Movie that Looks Suspiciously Like Ad for

Will "Christian Mingle" help America find God at the box office? Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   08.13.14   |   SHARE
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UK Bans Creationism in the Classroom, Darwin Fist-Pumps His Way to Victory

Intelligent Design has been officially dubbed pseudoscience by our across-the-pond brethren. We're praying (sorry) that America follows suit. Read...
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Daily Quote: Want More Worshippers? Hold Services in a Strip Club!

A Canadian strip club-cum-church may have solved the problem of religious decline. This brings a whole new meaning to Hallelujah! Read...
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Genderbender: Judaism, Christianity and Islam Reveal Their Queer Side

It's not too often we look to religion as a model of progressive ideals, especially in regards in gender. Like many feminists, a visceral shudder Read...
Katie Tandy   |   03.11.14   |   SHARE