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I’m A 39-Year-Old Who Wants Stuffed Animals — And I'm Not Ashamed 

I don’t typically lie to a date (or in general), but I was ashamed of my desire for wanting stuffed animals as an adult in my late thirties. Read...
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Of course, you should feel comfortable in your relationship. But there’s a difference between happy-comfortable and miserable-comfortable.

Are You Stuck In A Comfort Relationship?

The "comfort relationship": Sometimes we get comfortable being uncomfortable. Read...
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Tell your child something that they need to hear: they are safe, and you will stop at nothing to make sure that is always the case.

Tell Them They Are Safe (Even When You Don’t Believe It)

Children are not good at understanding odds. Tell them they are safe (even when you don't believe it). Read...
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Whatever you do, be there - be present - for your friend.(Image Credit: Thinkstock)

How To Be There For A Friend Who Lost A Baby

When you lose a child, you no longer have the words to ask for help. It’s up to us on the outside to lend our support, and there are plenty of ways Read...
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Still figuring out what his triggers are, I’ve started to anticipate some things that will set him off and strive to prevent them. Image: Meredith Mortensen.

My Son Is Gripped With Anxiety — And He's Not Even 2

Kids are puzzles. My son is a 1,000 piece one. This wasn’t the first time my young son, not yet two, had experienced a bizarre, heightened amount of Read...
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