Eventually, I had to admit that the past I wanted to have — the mother I wished for so desperately — didn’t exist.

Re-parenting Myself As I Parent My Kids

Eventually, I had to admit that the past I wanted to have — the mother I wished for so desperately — didn’t exist. I am re-parenting myself as I Read...
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Depression is a disease of inaction, of paralysis. At least, that’s how it manifests for me.

I Have Compassion For Everyone Struggling With Depression Except Me

With other people who are struggling with mental health issues, I am empathetic. But when it comes to my own depression, I am none of those things. Read...
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"Compassion for myself is not a thing I do." (image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart)

When You Feel Like You're Failing, Stop For Compassion

Compassion for myself is not a thing I do. It is not a thing I have ever done. It is not a thing I feel comfortable doing. It's time I stop for Read...
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Beyond Before & After
One human to another, we can keep the focus on compassion and empathy.

Can Empathy And Compassion Stop The World From Heading For A Train Wreck?

Yes! We can apply the brakes and switch tracks by focusing on compassion and empathy. Read...
Wear what you want, sit how you want, BE how you want. You deserve it.

#SelfCareSunday: Taking Space As A Form Of Resistance

Take up your space. Breathe and allow yourself to fill the spot you are sitting in rather than tensing your muscles and trying to hold your body Read...
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#LoveTrumpsHate, especially during the holidays.

Lovers & Fighters In America: Tales Of Holiday Cheer

The Lovers & Fighters of America is a weekly column here at Ravishly featuring behind-the-scenes stories of inspirational people taking a stance Read...
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We need to recognize that there is suffering everywhere, that suffering is relative, that people are mostly good, that they are mostly trying their best.

Was A Vote For Trump Automatically Malicious? 

There is anger today. It is visceral. It’s on Facebook. It’s on Twitter. It’s in the streets of the cities of America. It’s at the family table where Read...
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True compassion isn’t borne out pity, it’s borne out of a genuine desire to empower individuals, societies, to achieve their highest potential, their peace.

How To Survive This Election When You Disagree With People You Love

We are 17 days from the election. There is no amount of Facebook unfriending that is going to make you not related to your Fox-News-addicted Uncle Read...
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