Black people’s hair is too tense for White America to EVER be comfortable. Image: Thinkstock.

3 Reasons I Won't Apologize For My Black-Girl Hair

Black hair, like Black identity, is diverse and nuanced, but it still stands out as different from White hair. The point is not that all Black hair Read...
Akilah S. Richards    |   05.5.16   |   SHARE
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Everybody Spanks: The Dangerous Ignorance Of The UK's Sex Act Censorship  

Making (consensual) spanking illegal to depict in porn doesn't arrest the demand for it. Viewers will still want it. A lot of them will Read...
Jetta Rae    |   12.4.14   |   SHARE
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I Represent Sex Workers Because Sex Work Is Work And Sex Workers Are People

The myth of the common "Sex Worker Experience" is silly and inauthentic. Read...
Robin Richardson    |   09.8.14   |   SHARE
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