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When Mental Illness Hurts Too Much To Talk About 

I have a mental illness. I am mentally ill. I can barely bring myself to say the words. I have not uttered the phrase “I am mentally ill” out loud. Read...
Miriam Datskovsky    |   12.4.18   |   SHARE
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My tattoos have become a protective buffer against self-injury and an important step in refashioning my journey toward wellness. Image: Thinkstock.

How Tattoos Helped Me Recover From Self-Injury

[CN: cutting, dissociation, auditory hallucinations] I struggle with the need to have physical, visible proof of my inner world. That’s when I Read...
Renee Fabian    |   05.4.16   |   SHARE
Recovery is an ongoing process.

Musings From My Time In The Psych Ward

“Are you a cutter?” the medical aide asked me, gearing to strap a blood-pressure monitor around my upper arm to take my vitals at 11 o’clock one Read...
Emily Hughes    |   02.8.16   |   SHARE