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Getting Through My First Year Without A Dad

Last April, my dad died two days before his 58 birthday after struggling with Huntington's Disease for over a decade. This is my first year without a Read...
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I love him in spite of myself. I have good memories of him. I don’t want him to die.

My Father Abused Me, And Now He's Dying

My dad had an explosive anger that he took out on his children. My father abused me and I love him in spite of myself. I don’t want him to die. Read...
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Army dad, Shawn Sullivan, and his kids.

For Your Thursday Weeping Pleasure: This Dad Coming Home From Afghanistan

Babies are born. People die. Birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas all happen, and our military folks miss it all. Read...
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Joe Biden and Meghan McCain on The View

Joe Biden Brings A Tear To My Critical Eye

Today I saw this video of Joe and Meghan, and for a just a minute I remembered that life is shockingly fragile and people are better than we think. Read...
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No one should ever be thankful for cancer, but I can say that I’m thankful for what it showed us.

How My Father's Cancer Made My Life Better

Cancer isn't fun or fair, but at the end of the day, life — even a cancer-stricken one — was better because we were in it together. Read...
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Long Reads
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This Dad And His Baby Have Won Our Hearts

Parents this awesome just remind me how I don't even have a baby book for 4 out of 5 of my children. Read...
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In his death came the “this is no joke” realization that — cliché as it is — life is short.

The Death Of My Father Is Helping Me Live A Better Life 

I’m not sure I would have persisted with such ambition prior to my father’s death. I’ve found that a loved one’s passing does more than nudge you Read...
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"In a culture where men are taught to be aggressive, dominant, and condescending, my father was nurturing, quiet, and never once treated his daughters and son differently." Image: Thinkstock

How My Father Helped Me Become The Feminist I Am Today

It would be easy to point to my mother as the originator of my lifelong feminism. She kept her last name when my parents married in the ‘80s, refused Read...
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