My parents didn't accept the divorce until the decree was in my hand; and even then their acceptance is given only with the understanding that my marriage was a failure that could have been avoided. Image: WeHeartIt

My Parents Forced Me To Stay Married To My Horribly Abusive Husband

As I said my goodbyes to my parents, I pleaded with them to help me leave him. "Please, you've seen what is going on," I said to them. "You've seen him. I can't live like this anymore. I can't do this any longer. Please help me." My mother gave me a hug, kissed my kids, and wished me well in working things out. "Just try a little harder. It takes effort to learn how to be a good wife and you've always been a little difficult," she said before closing my car door.


The Real Reason Marriages Fail

That giddy feeling you felt during the infancy of the relationship goes away. It can be replaced by either a deep bond, or apathy.

'Alone' isn't always a bad thing.

How Adopting My Boyfriends' Taste Caused Me To Lose My Identity

In a recent attempt at brutal self-examination, I opened my Apple Music account to see how many artists were recommended to me by men I’ve dated or slept with. There were well over 60, (making up the majority of what I listen to regularly).

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The Soundtrack To Make You Feel Like A Badass During And After Your Divorce

During the darkest moments after my split with my husband and then divorce, when I thought life would never get better, and I kicked myself for thinking I could be on my own, it was music that got me through.


5 Signs You're In A Desperate Relationship

You might not know the truth even as you’re living it. Each day passes into the next and you remain oblivious, always living and trying your hardest with the kernel of fear in your heart. Maybe you’ve gotten used to ignoring it, this dread as it picks at you, boring into you.

Keeping him to yourself might be worth it.

Lesson Learned: Why I'm No Longer Sharing My Boyfriend On Social Media 

In the past four months, I’ve undergone a veritable dating hurricane. I ran out on my 10-month-old marriage in August. I texted my decision and departure to my closest friends, live-tweeted my flight from upstate New York to the New Hampshire seacoast, and have written extensively and publicly about separation, my estranged husband, and the terrors of emotional pain ever since.

You don't want to end up on this shit list.

I Sent My Cheating Husband An Actual Pile Of Horse Sh*t In The Mail

It was sometime just before midnight in the middle of the week, when I took to Google to see if I could send a big chunk of sh*t to my husband.


3 Signs Your Marriage Can't Be Saved

For me and my wife, the marital bliss ended on our honeymoon. Within a few days of walking down the aisle, we both started to doubt our marriage would last.