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Celebrity Reactions To The Ebola Epidemic: The Good, The Bad And The Very Ugly

This just in: Donald Trump and Chris Brown are the worst people ever, and joking about Ebola is never OK. Read...
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Ebola Rising: Second Stateside Nurse Confirmed Infected

Are we confronting an epidemic? And if so, is America ready for it? Read...
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Sierra Leone's Nurse Sellu Won't Give Up The Fight Against Ebola

In the midst of the virus’ war path at the government hospital in Kenema, she carries on with her work despite having lost 15 nurses. Read...
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Ebola is Killing Far More Women than Men

In its rampage through West Africa, Ebola has claimed 1350 lives--most of them female. Read...
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Flying First Class with Ebola: How the U.S. is Avoiding an Infectious Outbreak of Biblical Proportions

How is the U.S. transporting American Ebola victims back to the U.S. without spreading the infection? Read...
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The Ebola Outbreak: Coming to a Town Near You

The virus creates new horrors by the day in Africa. The wily nature of the disease, together with various social barriers creates the perfect storm. Read...
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Deadly Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Continues to Spread and Man Is It Grisly

Panic, border closings and dietary bans arise from epidemic. Can't Africa catch a break? Read...
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