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Thanks to Donald Trump, our marriage approval rating has hit an all-time high.

Thank You, Donald Trump, For Making My Marriage Great Again 

Thank you, Donald Trump, for creating the chaotic environment that caused my husband and I to talk — really talk — about important issues. Read...
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A Fond Farewell To Joe Biden, America's Favorite Weird Uncle

The man who launched 1,000 memes will be leaving government after 43 years of service, first as a Senator from Delaware, then as Obama’s right hand Read...
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If they make a racist joke, ask them to explain why it’s funny. Say, “I don’t get it, can you explain that joke to me?”

Let's Make Thanksgiving Awkward 

These conversations are uncomfortable as hell. They can be downright depressing and demoralizing. They may lose you friends and family members. But, Read...
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Trump supporters who are body positive? Seriously?

Take The Cake: Are Fat Positive Trump Supporters, Like, A Real Thing?

I am currently in Los Angeles trying to forget that the election happened. I am sitting in a pizza place on Hollywood Blvd that advertises "giant Read...
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In Post Election Darkness, Dave Chappelle And A Tribe Called Quest Shine

In these days post-election, like many Americans, I Read...
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An advice comic featuring the internet's favorite purple-haired aunt.

Aunt Ginger: Post-Election Survival Depends On Self-Care

The election is over! Yay? Not really, but at least we can take this moment to pause, breathe, and decompress. It's OK to feel sad/mad/angry/numb Read...
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Scenes From The Anti-Trump Protests Of San Francisco

“If what we need to dream, to move our spirits most deeply and directly toward and through promise, is discounted as a luxury, then we give up the Read...
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