Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

Five Ways We Can Stand In Our Power 

This isn’t an essay about how “woke” I am — instead, it’s a journey of reclamation and standing in my power, which started with my getting sober. Read...
Olivia Pennelle    |   07.11.19   |   SHARE
Photo of Rachel Hoge by Katy Nash

I Make Fashion Choices With My Disability In Mind

The clothes I wear allow others to see beyond my stutter, encouraging them to discard any negative connotations they might have about my disability. Read...
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You are working hard at this life thing, and you deserve to be taken seriously.

Fellow Women: You Need To Take Yourself Seriously

As a woman, it feels damn near impossible to be heard sometimes. But we are working hard at this life thing, and we deserve to be taken seriously. Read...
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12 Body Positive Tracks To Boost Your Confidence For Summer

With incredible women, femmes, and other folks having more access to creating music, we’re literally at the height of woman-, femme-, and body- Read...
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I positioned my phone at the perfect angle to capture both my belly rolls and my smile. Image: Sarah Hosseini.

Posting A Semi-Nude Selfie On Facebook Helped Me Love My Body

A surge of adrenaline hits me. I want to snap a selfie. A semi-nude selfie. Read...
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She likes princesses, but she is not defined by them. Image: Gemma Hartley.

Can We Please Stop Hating On Princesses?

Feminism should empower all girls — not just those who buck the system. Do I have my preference for what I would like her to do? Yes, but what I Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   06.7.16   |   SHARE
We have to believe that better birth is possible. Image: ABC.

Why The Way We Portray Birth In Entertainment Matters

We are taught to fear birth from early on in our lives, and the way it’s portrayed for entertainment’s sake plays a huge, disturbing role in that. Read...
Sarah Bregel    |   06.3.16   |   SHARE