Faking health is a common coping mechanism for someone with chronic illness.

Why People With Chronic Illness Fake Being Healthy 

A common coping mechanism for someone with chronic illness is to fake being healthy. I’d like to shed some light on this very misunderstood behavior. Read...
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When people have only nice things to say about the world, I get frustrated.

The Five Worst Types Of Nice People (You Know The Ones)

This article originally appeared on Mamamia and has been republished with Read...
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No, I don't want a see-through wedding gown.

Say No To The Dress: My Awful Experience At Kleinfeld

Why did Kleinfeld treat me like I was buying a used car, and let me leave the store with nothing but a headache (and, frankly, a hankering for some Read...
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Gone Girl's Rape Problem

Although penned by a woman, the blockbuster book and film includes—and perpetuates—disturbing claims of fake rape. Read...
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Hey guys: Remember when Shark Week didn't involve a douchebag in a shark costume? (Credit: Discovery.com)

It's Official: Dumbed-Down Shark Week Has Jumped the Shark 

Once focused on revealing the actual world of sharks, Discovery Channel's hyped programming has become dumb, weird and fake. Read...
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Paris Hilton Says She's Still Traumatized by Revenge Porn 

It's the 10th Anniversary of 1 Night In Paris, the sex tape heard round the world. Hilton stands by her innocence, so why don't we believe Read...
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Sex + Love

#TransformationTuesday Breakup—Heartbreaking or Genius Hoax?

The web is a'buzzing with recent social media documents (HA!) proving that a high school dude dumped his girlfriend through a hashtag and Instragram Read...
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Drake's Goes Undercover on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to See What People Think of Him

Watch Drake don a beard and question unsuspecting pedestrians about himself...from peeing in a Baby Gap to crying after an awards show, it seems the Read...
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