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Jazzy Byner by Rob Eves Photography

9 Plus-Size End Of Summer Cocktail Looks

Before you hit the racks, pull out faves from your summer closet and treat yourself to wearing things that bring you joy. Read...
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If I couldn’t find clothes that fit me while I viewed the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night or sipped on a proper cappuccino in Milan, was the world really mine to occupy?

Shopping Abroad Is Tough When You're Black And Plus-Size

If I couldn’t find clothes that fit me while I viewed the Eiffel Tower at night or sipped on a proper cappuccino, was the world really mine to occupy? Read...
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13 Warm Knits For Cuddle Weather

Fall fashion is all about three things: staying warm, layering on textures, and rich colors. The real holiday treat are the warm knits for day-to-day Read...
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 Photo by Kelsey Kimberlin

These Fat Babes Showcase Their Visible Belly Outlines

Being in any body comes with its own set of insecurities, hangups, and unique idiosyncrasies, but visible belly outlines are particularly fraught Read...
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Be inspired by these 15 plus-size Halloween heroes!

15 Plus-Size Halloween Heroes

Create a literal #BoPoWarrior costume and have a body-positive Halloween bash! Check out these plus-size Halloween heroes for a bit of inspiration. Read...
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Plus-size Halloween villain costume inspo.

12 Plus-Size Villains For Your Halloween Costume Inspo

Halloween is near which means that every day is yet another reason to dress up. Here are plus-size villains for your Halloween costume inspo. Read...
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Photo credit: Tracy Broxterman @brxtrmn on Instagram

13 Plus-Size Looks For Goth-Tober

What month could be better to celebrate gothic style than October? Fall begins the onset of the darkness of the year’s end. Here are 13 Goth-Tober Read...
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Perhaps the biggest problem with plus-size nominees not finding clothes is getting the fashion industry to overcome its fatphobia.

Naked On The Red Carpet: Plus-Size Nominees Can't Find Clothes

You would think that designers would want their clothes to be seen on a woman who represents billions in buying dollars, but it turns out they would Read...
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