fat shaming kids

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Do You Have A Fat Kid? Here’s What To Do.

I have five children. At birth, they weighed anywhere from 7.5 to almost 11 pounds. They all Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   08.21.18   |   SHARE
This is my story of growing up in a fatphobic household.

Growing Up In A Fatphobic Household

I grew up in a fatphobic household — one that was created by my mother’s fear of getting and staying fat. Read...
Christine Schoenwald    |   09.13.17   |   SHARE
Body shaming kids is never the right thing to do. It can damage a parent's relationship with their kids in a way that sticks with that child for the rest of their lives.

#TheySaid Highlights Our Culture Of Body Shaming

People are using #TheySaid to tell their stories of experiencing body shaming. Sally Bergesen kicked things off by talking about her own memory of Read...
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