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No, You Shouldn't Ditch Your Fat Friends ​

Slimming World (UK version of Weight Watchers) is telling those who have reached their “target weight” to ditch their fat friends. Read...
Ragen Chastain    |   07.23.18   |   SHARE
I’m fat, but I have no fat friends.

I'm Fat And I Wish I Had Fat Friends 

I’m fat, but I have no fat friends. It’s not that all my friends are height-weight appropriate — it’s just that I can’t describe them as fat. Read...
Christine Schoenwald    |   06.27.18   |   SHARE
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9 Toxic People To Cut Out Of Your Life In 2018

Being conscious of who you spend your time around is essential for your self-care. Here are some toxic people you can go ahead and cut out this year. Read...
Suzannah Weiss    |   02.8.18   |   SHARE
At a certain point in my adulthood, I stopped trying to force friendships that just didn’t work.

How To Break Up With Your Best Friend 

How do you break up with a best friend? Read...
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How do you make the leap to ask out a potential friend? (Image: Unsplash/ Eli DeFaria)

5 Tips For Making Grown-Up Friends 

Making friends as a grown woman is hard. I figured out a few tips on how to set up successful one-on-one friend dates, as well as how to handle the Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   02.23.17   |   SHARE
I’m the idiot who will open your message and not reply for four days if I don’t do it the minute I see it.

How To Know If You Have A Bad Friend Or You're The Bad Friend 

On recognizing the personality trait that was damaging my friendships without me realising it... Read...
Zara McDonald of Mamamia    |   02.20.17   |   SHARE
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Forget Me Nots: When Your Best Friends Live Over The Hills And Far Away

I sent out Christmas cards this year, which I wrote upon with an actual pen. But it wasn’t always like this. Read...
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