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Butch Is Beautiful: On Learning To Love Myself

Embracing butchness is a struggle, but these small moments have helped me undo years of insecurity. Butch is beautiful and so am I! Read...
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Fatness, femininity and hair! Photo credit: @virgietovar on Instagram

Take The Cake: Fatness, Femininity, And My Pink Bangs

One of the things I have done for myself in adulthood as part of my healing process is make a strong claim to fatness femininity. Read...
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This is a beginner’s guide to mansplaining on Facebook (image credit: Tim Gouw via Unsplash)

A Beginner’s Guide To Mansplaining On Facebook

Right now, on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms, thousands of women are freely sharing knowledge, opinions, and personal Read...
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Image credit: Tim Gouw via Unsplash

Please Stop Infantilizing Me — Especially In The Workplace

When we assume women are younger, we associate their youth with their lack of life experiences. Particularly in a workplace environment, the Read...
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Image: Instagram/ sharicyta

How The L Word Shaped My Queer Identity 

Volume down low, remote controller gripped tightly, I watched The L Word as an act of rebellion. Read...
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Once I realized that I could embrace the parts of femme that I liked (lipstick! frilly skirts!) and reject the ones that didn’t work for me (shaving! heels!) things got a hell of a lot easier.

I'm A Queer Femme — And It Only Took Me 30 Years To Embrace It

Faced by the extreme pressure to conform to impossible beauty ideals, I followed my instincts (and my budding feminism) and rejected them wholesale. Read...
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When I take that selfie and share it, I am saying that this disabled body is beautiful and admirable.

Why This Disabilibabe Loves Her False Lashes

I understand that a lot, if not all, of the incredulity at the femmes who fancy themselves up is veiled insecurity about alternative forms of self- Read...
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The revitalizing spark of femininity I felt on our date showed me that I need to prioritize more empowering self-care into my life.

Deeper Than Date Night: A Queer Femme Mama On Identity Loss

I vividly recall standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking at myself as I’d done countless times as a childless person. As myself. As the Read...
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