Some French towns have banned the burkini bathing suit. Image: Shutterstock.

Banning The Burkini Reinforces A Single Story About Muslim Women: 'They Need Saving.'

The recent series of burkini bans in resorts across France was met with sensationalist global headlines about protecting national security and women’ Read...
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It all started with a 16-year-old French blogger named Adele Labo, who “suffered enormously” after being mocked by her classmates for refusing to shave. Image: Adele Labo.

'Princesses Have Hair': How A Teenager's Viral Hashtag Is Shaking Up Beauty Standards

For centuries — since the days of ancient Egypt, in fact — women have been going to immense lengths to remove their body hair. Plucking, shaving, Read...
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The BIG Thing American Men Can Learn From French Men About Sex

First of all, because I'm traveling alone and have, what I imagine, quite an obvious American accent, men do not hesitate to engage me in Read...
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Traveling As A Feminist 

Traveling is good for your soul, or at least that’s what those motivational images of beautiful sunsets on Facebook say. I don’t know for sure how Read...
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How Travel Saved My Love Life

It’s amazing that I could learn more about the flawed inner workings of my love life in a weekend than in 10 years of dating. Read...
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Credit: Flicker/Johannes Grunert

Your Guide To Anti-Immigrant Groups In Europe

For your education, let's take a look at the two biggest groups making the most anti-outsider noise in Western Europe right now. Read...
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New Research Suggests Female Ejaculation Is Just Watery Pee

A new study sheds more light on squirting. Read...
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Credit: Wikipedia Commons

To Be Honest, I Have No Idea What To Feel About The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

I gobbled up news all day and late into the night. And I was still just as confused—and just as sad—when I went to bed. Read...
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