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Gender Isn’t Binary In The Animal World, Either

Gender isn’t binary with humans... we as humans need to remain aware that the traditional boy and girl labels are declining. Read...
Catherine Bartlett of Role Reboot    |   03.6.19   |   SHARE
Being queer is about demolishing binaries. Image: Pixabay.

7 Things I Wish People Understood About Being Queer

Even a Google search will conflate “queer women” with “lesbian.” So the first and most obvious thing I wish people understood about being a queer Read...
Natalie Slaughter of SHESAID    |   05.31.16   |   SHARE
Writer at six years old, photographed at a local ballet school

Let Him Dance: The Fight To Protect Gender-Expansive Youth

I don’t want this to be a conversation about a blonde boy with long hair — this needs to be a conversation about violence and suicide. Read...
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Stock Photos: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Women

According to Thinkstock, when I'm ready to fish, there's a certain stance I like to take in my waders. A spread-eagle one. Read...
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My Journey From Feminist Dyke To Feminist Trans Man

We are not exempt from internalizing messages inherent in patriarchy. But I have found that we can resist and challenge these narratives. Read...
C.B. Davis    |   12.18.14   |   SHARE