We've pooled together all our very favorite goodies to help you with your holiday shopping this year!

Ravishly's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

We've got a little bit of everything: candles that smell like your favorite books, family pajamas that will last for years to come, and organizations to pick when giving the ultimate gift of a donation in your loved one's name to a cause they care about.


Boom. Crash. The Sound Of My Heart AKA The Day I Sucked Vodka Out Of A Towel.

A handle of Ketel One vodka and a bag of fresh vanilla beans are combined and divided into corked bottles. They are then placed into aforementioned closet to spend the remainder of the year mingling and making their Vanilla Vodka baby.


Keren Danon: Fashion Blogger and Expat

Spotted: in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

What where you doing in that awesome store?