You deserve to grieve.

I’m Not Done Talking About Miscarriage And Here’s Why

Here are some further thoughts on miscarriage, the Internet, and how we can be supportive to women going through one.

MS Paint magic.

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: Death, Dementors, And Other Fun Things

All I want for Christmas is a Molly Weasley sweater.


The Five Stages Of Grief After Finding People On Facebook

Don’t say the following: “Maybe they’ll remember me!” “I bet they would love to get a message from me!” “Contacting the popular kids while we are in our 30s is a fantastic idea and doesn’t look desperate at all!”


A Happy Death, Full Of Light And Color

It's possible to mourn and celebrate, to be with someone you can't see or feel, and to find some kind of joy even when you're mired in loss.


Libby Wood: Illustrator, Designer

Spotted: Alemany Flea Market, SF

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'Tis The Season . . . To Pretend There's No Season At All

This season is hard. So I'm pretending it doesn't exist. You're welcome to join!


Of Grief and Grieving

They're all gone from this world. No graduations. No weddings. No questions to be answered.


Kurt Cobain's Twisted Courtney Love Vows: What Do They Mean?

Does a newly released note support the theory that Love was responsible for Cobain's suicide?