Some people understood me immediately. They too had been suicidal, and they could empathize easily. Image: Thinkstock

What My Suicide Attempt Taught Me About Love

Suicidality is a strange thing. Sometimes you think you’ve shaken it off, but it’s actually still there, quietly brewing under the surface until Read...
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For people who feel things deeply, just BEING is an intense experience. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Survival Tips For The Sensitive Soul

Dear Sensitive Soul: Are you having a hard time right now? Me too. I think a lot of us are. Read...
Winona Dimeo-Ediger    |   04.22.16   |   SHARE
My daughter is about as sweet as they come. Image: Thinkstock.

My 2-Year-Old Is The Most Empathetic Person I Know

You see, every time we watch The Lion King — every freakin’ time Mufasa dies — her small fists ball up, her nose and brows furrow, and tears well up Read...
Kim Zapata of Babble    |   03.31.16   |   SHARE
We are not robots. We are creatures who need both fuel AND comfort.

Let's Get This Straight: Emotional Eating Is NOT Bingeing

These are two concepts that I think we are all a little confused about. Even writing on this topic for four years, it’s taken me time to master Read...
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I didn’t want to wean her for a lot of reasons, but the primary driving force was guilt.

I Force-Weaned My Child, And It Was Awful, For A While Anyway

She didn’t wean herself. There was no gradual decline in the frequency of nursing sessions, no mounting interest in outside activities, no moment of Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   03.22.16   |   SHARE
computer + baby = mom guilt.

6 Parenting Guilt Trips (And Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty)

Parenting can be challenging . . . at the best of times. So when we end up doing all the things we vowed we would NEVER do when we had our own kids, Read...
Cynthia Lawrence    |   08.20.15   |   SHARE

Unfriending My Old Friend, Guilt

I don’t like my old friend Guilt very much. We are not BFFs. She smells funny, and I don’t appreciate her company. Read...
Tamarah Rockwood    |   07.31.15   |   SHARE

Living With The Guilt Of Letting My Father Go

Four years ago I made a decision that still haunts me. A decision that would change lives forever. His would be ended. Mine would be empty without Read...
Barbara Abramson of The Good Men Project    |   06.23.15   |   SHARE
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