How To Keep Everyone At Arm’s Length And Never Enjoy An Authentic Human Connection: An Essential Guide

If you're trying to avoid a balanced life filled with real connections with others, I'm here to let you know—you too can realize this fantasy! Read...
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If you need me, I'll be eating this because I'm awesome and I want it. Credit: Thinkstock

Just Say "No" To National Comfort Food Day

This is not a holiday that warrants celebration. Read...
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Eat A Donut, Ladies—And Stop With The Sweets Guilt

It's National Donut Day. Forget what society keeps telling you, and live a little. Read...
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Why It's Time To Banish Mommy Guilt

So you fed your baby some formula instead of breast milk. His future is not shot. Really. It's not—and The Guilt serves no one. Read...
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Confession: I'm A Feminist, But I Like To Be Called 'Whore'

Does wanting to be a dirty little slut make me a bad woman? Read...
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"Pimp Shaming": The Controversial New Strategy to Fight Sex Trafficking

We're all for shaming pimps, but is shame an effective way to combat crime? Read...
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Watch: The Daily Downfalls of Polite Brits

Common courtesy couples up with shame, guilt and an urge to please for many Brits, and the results can be downright depressing. (Hilarious.) Read...
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