I felt a strong need to rise to challenges, because I knew that my dad would expect nothing less from me. Image: Thinkstock.

My Dad Wouldn't Call Himself A Feminist, But I Would.

“Feminism” wasn’t a word I heard much growing up. When I did hear it, I equated it with a historical event, not a work in progress. I thought first- Read...
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In two days, I am taking my 1 year old on a road trip, and camping with him in the middle of Indiana to listen to a bunch of weird punk bands and hang out with a thousand strangers. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm Taking My 1 Year Old To A Camp-Out Punk Festival

[W]hen tickets went on sale for a DIY punk music festival that my wife had attended several times before we were married, and she lamented that there Read...
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I went by the umbrella term “queer” for the first year and a half because I was convinced I didn’t qualify as bisexual. Image: Imani Clovs/Unsplash.

My Bisexuality Is Real — No Matter Who I Date

If I get into a heterosexual relationship and spend the rest of my life with that person, I will still be bisexual. I will still feel that attraction Read...
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Being queer is about demolishing binaries. Image: Pixabay.

7 Things I Wish People Understood About Being Queer

Even a Google search will conflate “queer women” with “lesbian.” So the first and most obvious thing I wish people understood about being a queer Read...
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The revitalizing spark of femininity I felt on our date showed me that I need to prioritize more empowering self-care into my life.

Deeper Than Date Night: A Queer Femme Mama On Identity Loss

I vividly recall standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking at myself as I’d done countless times as a childless person. As myself. As the Read...
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My Queerness Is Not An Annulment Of Your Identity

No, nothing will make you less of a woman. But nothing will make me more of one, either. Read...
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Why I Wear A Transformers T-Shirt To My Grownup Person Job

The bottom line is, I never made it to Harvard. I no longer own that stupid expensive car. What goes up must come down. Read...
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The Stich In My Side: Renavigating Racial Identity Through Lilo & Stitch

This film had the power to help me process my own childhood as a second-generation Japanese American. Read...
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