There is no way you can understand what a big deal being American is, because you’ve always had it.” Image: Thinkstock.

What Immigration Taught Me About The Fourth Of July

While I would like to think that I paused for a minute or two to think about what it means to be American, I was mostly focused on looking forward to Read...
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I want to see the place that shaped my mother and her earliest memories because she shaped me and my earliest memories.

When Your Mother's Land Isn't Your  Motherland

Immigrants are pushed out of their home countries due to social, political, or economic forces beyond their control — poverty, genocide, wartime.... Read...
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You Can't Go Home Again: A Tale Of A Conflicted Cuban Childhood

I left Cuba in 1949, when I was 11 years old. Back then, I didn't understand why my mother sent me away. I still don't. Read...
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Reclaiming Wetback—An Immigration Love Story

Dad didn’t cross water, but that didn’t stop the American kids in his new school from calling him a "wetback" because he didn’t speak English. Read...

Nearly 300 Women And Children Have Been Deported From Immigration Detention Centers: Are We Sending Them To Their Demise?

In the Northwestern town of San Pedro Sula in Honduras, the morgue director Hector Hernandez says he's taken in the bodies of 42 dead children since Read...
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Rick Perry is Back Y’all—and Sending Troops to the Border

Texas governor Rick Perry just called up 1,000 National Guard troops to Texas's southern border . . . to confront and detain children. Read...
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What Can Ellis Island Teach Us About Today's Immigration Crisis

We’ve got a bonafide humanitarian crisis on our border. Should we turn to the past for direction? Read...
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Listful Thinking: 3 Petitions that are Way More Important Than Justin Bieber Getting Sent Back to Canada

The White House has responded to a crazy-popular petition to deport Bieber. Why not focus our precious time on this earth with petitions of Read...
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