She’s more than mindless, fluffy pop music and she always has been. She’s an incredible vocalist and a great songwriter. She gave me hope when I needed it most, and I wish I could do the same for her. Image: Wikimedia.

Kesha Saved My Life — And Is Still Saving It

I stared at the picture of her sitting in the courtroom sobbing; I read the news stories, and I cried, too. As a sexual assault survivor myself, I Read...
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Kesha Sues Producer Dr. Luke For A Decade Of Abuse

Dr. Luke is being accused of sexually assaulting Kesha and encouraging her eating disorder. What a peach. Read...
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History Of The Femme Fatale: Part II

The second part of our series delving into the deadly-sexy woman archetype. Read...
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America's Next Top Pornhub Idol? Our Top 5 Picks For Official Pornhub Anthem

Pornhub has a record label. Line forms to the left, folks. Read...
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Wait, Kesha is a Minister and Married a Gay Couple?

The pop star has opened up about the time she officiated a same-sex wedding. Can she help bring awareness to the issue? Read...
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Life Aboard a Nuclear Submarine: Ke$ha, Hashtags and Other Hijinks

Sub life is all about rules. Luckily, those rules can be hilarious. Read...
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