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Bill Cosby Was A Father Figure—How Do I Reconcile This With His Rape Conviction?

No, Bill Cosby isn't my dad. But he was like one to me growing up. Read...
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Kesha Sues Producer Dr. Luke For A Decade Of Abuse

Dr. Luke is being accused of sexually assaulting Kesha and encouraging her eating disorder. What a peach. Read...
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Watch: What Would Happen If Men Had To Deal With Prescription Condoms?

Answer: According to this video? It would be hilarious. Read...
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Mother Of Biracial Child Suing Sperm Bank Isn't Racist; Our Country Is

Let's stop attacking a loving mother, and start focusing on the real issue at hand. Read...
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The Strange Case of the (Allegedly) Missing Penis

We'll solve any crime by dinner time. Read...
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Quote of the Day: Obama Says, “Stop Hatin' All the Time” and Quit Trying to Sue Me!

Our favorite orange-hued politician, John Boehner, has released a draft resolution authorizing the House to sue Obama. Read...
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Quote of the Day: Terry Crew Says NFL "Is Really Like a Cult"

How many men can we offer up on this altar for our amusement, sports drink endorsements and cold hard cash? Read...
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Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders Confront Man-Handling, Crap Pay, Tampon Demands

In a new lawsuit, the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are claiming a litany of abuses ranging from racketeering to harassment. Read...
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