Did you know that male midwives are a thing? Would you choose a male midwife?

Male Midwives: Valuable Addition To Patient Care Or A Big Old Nope?

Did you know that male midwives are a thing? Would you choose a male midwife? Would you refuse one if he were assigned to you? Let's talk! Read...
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Every time I tell a story about her, I’m keeping our memories alive, one leaf at a time.

Surviving Autumn Without My Mom

We think of holidays and big moments first when we think about death. What we don’t talk about are the little moments in between, like surviving Read...
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Navigating The Trauma Of Moving

Moving can be a traumatic experience. We often forget how many remnants of the past we hold onto—whether intentionally or accidentally, just because Read...
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So, the part I don’t understand: Why does it take a celebrity to draw attention to being a widow or widower? (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)

Patton Oswalt's Engagement: What Should Grief Look Like? (And Who Are We To Decide?)

The rancor over Patton Oswalt’s engagement fifteen months after his wife’s death drives home the fact that only the grieving can decide how to grieve Read...
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Loneliness was the hardest thing I faced when I lost my husband. The people who reached out to me when I was newly widowed probably saved my life.

What I Want You To Know About Widowhood

More importantly, when we lose our spouses, even if we’re at our worst, our friends and family need to come closer, not leave us to ourselves. Try Read...
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It didn’t always look like a clear path while I was in it.

Trusting Life Amid Pain And Confusion

Nothing is ever a mistake. Read...
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I was going to be left behind while everyone chatted about diapers and boppies and bonded over shared maternal experiences.

Navigating The Grief Of Miscarriage When Your Friends Have Babies

Miscarriage steals your ability to prepare for the future, to trust your body, your mind, and your support system. Read...
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fetal feet

What If You Never Hold Your Baby? Are You Still A Mother?

He told me there was nothing we could have done. He told me it happens sometimes. But it had never happened to me, so none of that mattered. Read...
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