For now, I’m a boy, and I’m a mama, and those seemingly contradictory truths are things I can accept about myself.

When I Realized I Was Trans, I Still Wanted To Be Mama

When I finally realized I was trans, it was after almost a year and a half of therapy, a lot of trauma, and after becoming a parent. Read...
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On Mother's Day: What Mama Said

After 365 days of kid-topia time, Mother's Day is finally upon us! At last, Mama can put her feet up, drink her coffee sans interruption (among other Read...
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Entitled coffee, at its finest

How My Programmable Coffee Pot Revealed My Entitled, Jerk Self

The last episode of “MyCoffeePot & Me” aired 2 years ago when I woke up to an unresponsive pot. Read...
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Babies, pink, and feminism. Courtesy of, LibreShot

"Yes, I Can Wear Pink": 10 Things About Feminism For My Boyfriend 

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed about finding that special someone. You know, the guy who is brave enough to say those three little words: I Read...
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Watch: The Surprising Way Stingrays Give Birth

Oh, you haven't seen a stingray give birth before? Now's your chance to change that. Read...
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Prepare for Oversharing: Breast-Feeding Pics Now Allowed on Facebook

Here's why we're celebrating this mom-friendly change in policy. Read...
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