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Oh no she didn't!

Ask Erin!: Should I Confront My Friend For Sending A Love Letter To My Husband?

Last week, my husband received a Facebook message from a good mutual friend of ours. We are also good friends with her husband. It was basically one Read...
Erin Khar    |   01.7.16   |   SHARE
Ask Erin

7 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong

My husband and I have been married for just over 30 years. We joke that we have been happy for most of them. Read...
Barbara Abramson of The Good Men Project    |   01.5.16   |   SHARE
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The cake isn't a guarantee.

My Marriage Almost Didn't Make It. So Why Are We Still Together?

Your partner will make you want to throw up at some point. Pure, unadulterated disgust. Read...
Eliana Osborn    |   12.2.15   |   SHARE
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Not Tonight, Dear: Mismatched Libidos

Truth to tell, it would be extremely rare, if not impossible, to find two people with perfectly matched libidos. Read...
Barbara Gold of The Good Men Project    |   11.30.15   |   SHARE
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The Lesson That Made My Marriage Stronger

I struggle with written directions. Reading financial statements stresses me out and makes my head spin. Following a written recipe is a challenge. I Read...
Barbara Abramson of The Good Men Project    |   11.13.15   |   SHARE
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3 Signs Your Marriage Can't Be Saved

For me and my wife, the marital bliss ended on our honeymoon. Within a few days of walking down the aisle, we both started to doubt our marriage Read...
Jon Beaty of The Good Men Project    |   11.11.15   |   SHARE
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How To Not Let Your Kids Destroy Your Intimacy

Here’s how to avoid your bundles of joy from absolutely shredding your relationship… Read...
Michael J. Russer of The Good Men Project    |   10.14.15   |   SHARE
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4 Important Areas To Master To Have The Relationship You've Always Dreamed Of

Have you ever watched one of those sappy romantic comedies and secretly wished you had a relationship like “they do in the movies?” I have a feeling Read...
Tyler Leslie of The Good Men Project    |   09.30.15   |   SHARE
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