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I Wanted A Therapist, Not A Matchmaker

My therapist revealed the man was his client. He wanted to set us up. Read...
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How My Indian Grandma Became My Matchmaker  

In some way most marriages are arranged, whether it is through a dating app, friends setting you up, or in my case, Grandma Veena as my matchmaker. Read...
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No, not a relationship coach or therapist. I decided to go to a matchmaker.

My Friends Turned Out To Be Better Matchmakers Than The Professional

My first impression of the matchmaker was that she was someone with whom I’d be friends. Yet, my real friends turned out to be better matchmakers. Read...
Jen Glantz    |   06.29.18   |   SHARE
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OK, Cupid: Should You Go To A Matchmaker?

Yes, I tried a matchmaker. Twice. After all, why the hell not? Read...
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