Always cook two dinners at a time — one for that night and one for later in the week.

8 Busy Mom Hacks

I have three children (and a husband, a dog, a cat, three budgies, and three fish) as well as a job, friends, and family. If it weren’t for the busy Read...
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No relationship is perfect, not even with super mom. (Image: Thinkstock)

7 Unexpected Benefits To My Mom Moving Abroad

My mom and I are extremely close. Some would say we’re a little too close, but since she fills two roles in my life — mother and best friend — I Read...
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She showed me exactly how powerful women can be.

I Am So Grateful To Be The Daughter Of A Working Mom 

Children of working moms have a lot to be grateful for. Read...
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There's one thing I'd like to think I've picked up from my mom: the importance of kindness.

My Mom Had 8 Kids; These Are The Lessons She Taught Me

This article originally appeared on Mamamia and has been republished with Read...
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You are also able to go long stretches without showering, and still smell clean.

5 Ways Having a Newborn Makes You Feel Superhuman

My fingers are currently grazing the keyboard as my arms reach around my four week old, who happens to be strapped to my chest in our BabyBjorn – Read...
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While I love to watch them play TOGETHER. I just don’t really want to join in all that much. (Image: Thinkstock)

Parenting Shame: I Hate Playing With My Kids

After having three kids in four years, my life IS toys and play. It’s a knee-high jumble of babies and boxes, of little pieces of cut up cotton buds Read...
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According to mass media, you are either a frumpy, harried, hot ass mess mom who is running around like a maniac on speed...

10 Reasons Rebel Moms TOTALLY ROCK

I love my babies, but they’re NOT my whole world. They don’t make up my whole being. Read...
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Of COURSE I give her Vitamin D drops...

I'm The Mom Who Lies To The Pediatrician

I spent the better part of two years a frazzled mess over things that ultimately didn’t matter. My child was still growing up perfectly normal, even Read...
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