Let's just say, a lot of questions surround bodily discharge... (Image Credit: Flickr / makelessnoise)

10 Weird Things All First-Time Moms Worry About

You’d have a hell of a time if you ever dared to crawl through the recesses of a first-time mother’s brain. There are hormones flying around Read...
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Life's busy with a newborn, okay? (Image Credit: Unsplash)

15 Reasons Moms of Newborns Aren't Answering Your Calls (Or Texts)

In theory, the concept of a new mom not being able to answer your phone calls and/or texts right away should be self-explanatory... but for some Read...
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new life, old traditions.

Postpartum Practices Worldwide: How The World Takes Care Of Moms And Babies

Although America’s “lying in period” fell by the wayside in the 19th century with the disappearance of the frontier, it’s alive and well today in Read...
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Lil' Kim Gave her Baby a Really Weird Name: So What?

Lil' Kim has named her newborn daughter Royal Reign. Yes, it's weird. But what's really in a name? Read...
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