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The Crystal Maze: A Game Show Where You Can Laugh At People's Failures In A Non-Oppressive Way

It’s essentially Legends of the Hidden Temple for hapless adults stranded in a dime store Disneyland. And it's OK to chuckle. Read...
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Illustrations by Sami Cronk (samicronk.com)

Death Is The Only Way Out Of This Body

Hot off the presses from Quail Bell magazine's Issue 6—Feminism. (Stay tuned for our review next week.) Read...
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Should Women Really Be "Flattered" by Catcalls?

An article in the New York Post claims women should appreciate the attention. Let's digest, shall we? Read...
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Iranian Journalist Sparks a Movement, Women Take Selfies Sans Their Veils

Masih Lainejah has inspired Iranian women to photograph their "stealth freedom" on Facebook, taking off their veils in protest of oppression. Read...
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Saudi Arabia Outdoes Itself: Decrees that Atheists are Terrorists

Amid concern that the Syrian conflict could inspire revolt, the Saudi monarch criminalizes non-belief. Read...
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