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The Best Apps To Turn To When You're Having A Panic Attack

“Apps for anxiety,” I whispered in the middle of a panic attack, holding down the round circle button on the front of my iPhone connecting to Siri.

I am telling the truth. Aren’t I?

That Time I Took A Lie Detector Test

I’m terrified of wrongful imprisonment. To be the only one who knows the truth and have to live every day in a cell, wondering, why, god, why? [...] Sitting hooked up for gadgets to monitor every aspect of my mind and body, in a small room without any distraction, I see how a person could lose herself — or the truth — for a moment.

Coloring books to treat anxiety?

Coloring Books As Treatment For The Mentally Ill?

I believe that these coloring books could be revolutionary treating mental health issues. There are plenty of inpatient facilities that utilize art therapy to help people living with mental illness process their emotions. Why not integrate coloring into the mix?

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My Fight Against Hoarding

I remember feeling emotional distress when my parents got rid of one of their old cars—I felt they were killing it.