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After 10 Years & 2 Kids, I’m Clueless About How To Start Dating Again

I don’t remember what it feels like to have a first date, a first kiss, or even to be interested in someone. I don’t know how to start dating again. Read...
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Sex + Love
For now, I’m a boy, and I’m a mama, and those seemingly contradictory truths are things I can accept about myself.

When I Realized I Was Trans, I Still Wanted To Be Mama

When I finally realized I was trans, it was after almost a year and a half of therapy, a lot of trauma, and after becoming a parent. Read...
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I'm Scared That If I Need You, You'll Leave

I opened the door to my heart and told him not only did I desperately need him, but that I was desperately afraid to need him. Read...
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No one should ever be thankful for cancer, but I can say that I’m thankful for what it showed us.

How My Father's Cancer Made My Life Better

Cancer isn't fun or fair, but at the end of the day, life — even a cancer-stricken one — was better because we were in it together. Read...
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Long Reads
Is it possible to shift the dialogue when it comes to teaching masculinity to boys? Image: Thinkstock.

We Have To Change The Kind Of Masculinity We Teach Our Sons

I guess we are all guilty of gender-typing to some degree. It’s ingrained deep in our subconscious and culture. Everywhere we go: shopping malls, in Read...
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Aaron. Image: author.

The Police Shot And Killed My Friend Aaron

The only people who paid the price for Aaron's death were his family and friends. This must stop. Police should never be above the law they have Read...
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Most moms, and parents, have had moments like this — they have had thoughts which seem dark and awful, and which they’d rather not admit out loud. Image: Kim Zapata.

I Fantasized About 'Getting Sick' After My Baby Was Born

One thing I cannot forget was how much I wanted to “get sick.” How I longed to get some sort of ailment or bedridden condition. I cannot forget how I Read...
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I have a hard time believing that men can be victims of domestic violence, and I know that my stepfather Joe is at the root of my problem. Image: Lechon Kirb/Unsplash.

My Abusive Stepfather Made Me Think Men Can't Be Victims Of Domestic Violence

Although I hesitate to admit it, I have a hard time believing that men can be victims of domestic violence, and I know that my stepfather Joe is at Read...
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