The Dangerous Gender Lessons Young Male Athletes Learn

The culture around sports (and especially high school football fandom) made it difficult not to internalize a lot of harmful assumptions. Read...
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Just Because I Want To Lose Weight Doesn't Mean I'm A Bad Feminist

At its core, body-autonomy—and feminism itself—is about giving women the benefit of the doubt that they can make up their own minds. Read...
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Bob Barker Gave Me These Freckles: Suicide In A Patriarchal Society

Suicide is a calculated escape from desperation—it is also a paralytic of the patriarchy, used to thin the herd of potential disruptors. Read...
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The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe—And Feminism?

C.S. Lewis' classic book presents an unlikely challenge to the patriarchy in the form of its true hero, Lucy. Read...
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Batman, Superguys, And The Man In Bam!

Did the classic Adam West Batman show strike a blow (Kerwhap!) for feminism? Read...
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My Little Feminequist Pony: Lesbian Separatist Fan Fiction

Under the guidance of the two princess-goddesses, Equestria is to this day a place where stallions and mares enjoy equal privileges. Read...
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Scott Aaronson And The Tired Notion That It's Feminism Hurting Men

The MIT professor recently wrote that feminist literature left him "terrified" of his sexual desire. But is Dworkin to blame? Read...
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"I Never Stand Too Close": A Trans Man's Feminism

For me, day-to-day feminism in action is creating safer spaces for women—the ones I know and especially the ones I do not. Read...
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