Was I lucky? Yes, but not because I have one child of each gender.

Nope, I’m Not Lucky This Time

Luck. By definition this word means a success or failure that’s brought on by Read...
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If you have your wedding at a restaurant, the food is the star. Image: Thinkstock.

Becoming Bride: 5 Ways To Simplify The Wedding Planning Process

Engagements being the universally stressful occasions that they are, what this has meant is that I’m constantly pushing my fiancé to make wedding- Read...
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Sex + Love

To Become A Woman Is To Become A Whore

Before you became a whore you were an insecure child, doing for free that which could set you free. Read...
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Sex + Love

Sex Work Isn't Consensual Or Exploitative—It Can Be Both

It's time to talk substantively and honestly about how sex work isn't any one thing. Read...
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Sex + Love

Selling Sex Is About Making Money

When I sold sex it was about the money. It wasn’t about empowerment, nor is it for most people. Read...
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Sex + Love

Sex Workers Want Rights—Not Rescue

I ask to be allowed to do my job in safety and to be treated with dignity and respect. Read...
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Why Stripping Isn't Empowering For Anyone

Stripping encourages men to view women as commodities—and to value them for their ability to please. Read...
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I Represent Sex Workers Because Sex Work Is Work And Sex Workers Are People

The myth of the common "Sex Worker Experience" is silly and inauthentic. Read...
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